Astana EUDC 2020

Astana Debate Union

Astana Debate Union is an entity that seeks to promote and strengthen the debating movement in Astana through combining the enterprise and dedication of the brightest minds of its entire community. Union’s members have been sharing their individual experience for years and actively collaborating on a diversity of exciting projects. Apart from various regular events such as tournaments and workshops designed for debaters of many different levels, one of its most remarkable accomplishments is Astana Open, the largest ever English debate tournament in Central Asia with a prominent international CA team, which greatly contributed to the advancement of the debating community in Astana and Kazakhstan as a whole.

Our projects

Astana Open

Astana Open is the international debate tournament organized by Debating Society of Astana.

The main purpose of the tournament is to popularize debates in English and organize a fair competition among local and international debate communities.

Last year, we had an amazing CA team that consisted of Harish Natarajan, Ayal Hayut-man and Stefan Siridzanski.

In 2018, Co-CA of Astana Open are Dan Lahav, Emilia Carlqvist and Dauren Binazarov.

Astana Open 2019 CA-team – Owen Mooney, Adilet Akzholov and Raffy Marshall.

Nazarbayev University Debate Academy

The idea to create a platform of exchange between prominent foreign and local debaters led to the creation of a seven-day academy where the youth from Central Asia could get to know debating foundations and sharpen its skills. Nazarbayev University Debate Academy has been hosting about 200 participants and inviting at least three international trainers each year.

CA of NUDA 2014
– Julia Mikic, Amanda Frank
CA of NUDA 2015
– Djordje Jovicevic, Sergei Naumoff, Anna Dotsenko
CA of NUDA 2016
– Monica Forman, Stav Singer, Ilija Ivanisevic, Milja Sijakinic, Sheraz Qureshi, Aron Cohen, Madina Kabdualiyeva
CA of NUDA 2017
– Raffy Marshall, Stav Singer, Jovan Petronijevic, Ivan Velentey, Madina Kabdualiyeva, Azat Gabdolla, Inkar Aitkuzhina, Aigerim Shadeyeva
CA of NUDA 2018
– Noa Ovadia, Teodora Resetar, Aigerim AIbassova, Milos Marjanovic, Aigerim Shadeyeva, Shyngys Aidynov, Nishith Hedge
CA of NUDA 2019
-Mukhtar Tashkenbayev, Seyoung Jeon, and John Papantoniou