Astana EUDC 2020

CA Team

Raffy Marshall

Raffy is an exceptional debater with a record full of tremendous achievements. He was named the best speaker at WUDC 2017 and reached the Open Finals of Dutch WUDC 2017 as well as Warsaw EUDC 2016. Moreover, Raffy is a highly experienced adjudicator who was named the DCA of the upcoming Cape Town WUDC 2019. Overall, he has been the Chief Adjudicator of 18 debating competitions in eight different countries and has recently judged the open final of the Australs. Furthermore, he has always been more than happy to share his knowledge and experience, training local debaters in the UK, Hong Kong, mainland China and Kazakhstan.

Monica Forman

Monica is a widely admired speaker who enjoyed great success both in local and international tournaments. She broke open at Thessaloniki and Mexico WUDC and has a stunning six consecutive EUDC breaks. Monica is also the semi-finalist of the latest Macau Tournament of Champions. Her adjudication record is equally impressive as she has CA’d no less than 15 international tournaments. Furthermore, Monica has vast experience as a trainer and has been the IA of many debate events around the world.