Astana EUDC 2020


Aigerim Shadeyeva​

Aigerim, a former President of NU Nomad Debate Club, has played a leading role in the development of the debating community in Astana and beyond. She organized the Nazarbayev University Debate Academy which was the largest debate event in the history of Central Asia, attracting hundreds of debaters across the region as well as several distinguished international trainers. She was also the convenor of an equally remarkable Astana Open, the first major English debate tournament, which brought together a multiplicity of participants from around the globe. Aigerim will definitely make sure that Astana EUDC 2020 exceeds your wildest expectations and becomes an experience to which you will look back with a smile.

Olzhas Abdukhamitov​

Olzhas is an exceptional organizer whose creativity, enterprise and determination have been instrumental in ensuring the success of a wide variety of important events. He volunteered at Dutch WUDC and has made a massive input into the debating community by convening Nazarbayev University Debate Academy and Astana Open. Along with dozens of various conferences, his organizational record includes a huge international Astana Economic Forum and nationwide Association of Young Leaders, which both hosted around a thousand delegates. Given his tremendous experience and great passion, Olzhas is a perfect convenor who will make Astana EUDC 2020 a wonderful tournament that all of our guests will thoroughly enjoy.