Astana EUDC 2020

Equity Officer

Rita Chudnovskaya

Please welcome Rita Chudnovskaya Рthe Equity Officer of Astana EUDC 2020!

As a speaker, Rita has broken at 20 competitions, including Riga Open 2017, Berlin Open 2017, Budapest Open 2017, and most recently as the 2nd breaking team at Imperial IV 2018, where she was also the 4th best speaker. Moreover, Rita has spoken in 9 finals, 3 of which she has won, including the Cracow Women’s, as well as Riga IV 2017 and Ota Open 2017.

Rita has judged at 10 competitions, CAing the Stockholm Mini 2016, Riga Pro-Am 2017, Istanbul Open 2018, Riga Academy 2018, and Tallinn Open 2018. As a judge she has also broken at Kiev Open, Cracow Open 2018 and Stockholm Mini 2017.

Rita’s equity career stretches back in time to 2013 when she was the equity officer at the first ever Stockholm IV. Rita will contribute to a STRONG and HEALTHY EQUITY ENVIRONMENT at Astana EUDC by bringing her moral intuitions and her enthusiasm for justice and harmony.

Astana EUDC will strive for an inclusive and tolerant social environment where individuals feel safe. To add on this, we will also be having open applications for three Equity Officer spots, and EVERYONE will be able to apply!