Astana EUDC 2020

Equity Officers

Gulnaz was part of the orgteam of one of the largest Kazakh tournament and debate academy in Kazakhstan – “Koshpendiler Kokzhiegi 2019” and “NUDA 2019” in English. As a speaker, she was a finalist of “Kultegin 2018” and quarter finalist of “NUDA 2018”. Regarding her judging experience, she has adjudicated numerous local tournaments, broke at tournaments such as “Nomad’s Sky”, “Koshpendiler Kokzhiegi” and won “Best Adjudicator” nomination at “Two Legends Cup”.

Jason was an Equity Officer at Athens EUDC and Oxford IV 2019, and Equality, Liberation and Access Officer for Bristol Students Union where his main role was an equity and wellbeing support for over 20,000 students with a current focus on mental health and wellbeing support, disabled access to activities and spaces, and the protection of LGB students, Trans students, Female students and students of faith. As for his judging experience, he broke at Oxford IV and Bristol Pro-Am. Also, he was a finalist of tournaments such as Exeter IV and Cardiff Open.

Stela has been working with debate societies from Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Bulgaria for the past 8 years. As for her convening experiences, she convened Zagreb Open 2016, North American Women’s Debating Championship 2018, and she also served as the tournament director at EUDC 2018. She also worked as one of the organizers of Ljubljana Pride Festival in 2017, contributing to the establishment of a society that will be non-discriminatory, inclusive and open to all individuals, regardless of their gender, orientation, identity, or any other personal circumstances. Debate-wise, Stela was quarter-finalist of WUDC 2013, finalist of numerous international tournaments, breaking judge at more than 30 competitions and CA of GWU 2018, Sofia Open 2014, Istanbul Open 2015, and others.