Astana EUDC 2020


Proper nutrition is a key to your success at stressful championships as EUDC. That is why we carefully chose catering services for you. We are glad to present you Kunde Cafe and Health Project:

Kunde Cafe

Kunde Cafe – the first inclusive and socially responsible cafe in Astana, Kazakhstan. Kunde is an innovative pilot project where people with mental disabilities can rehabilitate, train, socialize and ultimately become more included in a society.

Kunde was initiated by the student of Nazarbayev University Maulen Akhmetov to fight for equal work opportunities for mentally challenged people, and to enable them to be a part of the society.

Working at a cafe provides a combination of social interaction, self-sustainability skills (cooking, cleaning) and work therapy. Last but not least Kunde is trying to solve the social stigma that people with mental disabilities have to face every day.

Kunde – means ‘every day’ from Kazakh, it carries its philosophy of sustainable and effective altruism: to make a difference, to be the change every day and always.

More information about Kunde.

Health Project

Health Project KZ is one of the few healthy and affordable food deliveries in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Health Project speaks the good food language as it totally destroys the stereotype that healthy food is plain and tasteless. You will relish the delicious, fresh and healthy meals provided by these guys. Moreover, they offer amazingly diverse rations, which will contribute positively in your food experience in Kazakhstan.