Astana EUDC 2020

Language Officers

As a judge, Daan broke at Athens EUDC and other numerous competitions, judging the finals at Leiden Open, Erasmus Rotterdam Open, Barcelona Open, Roosevelt Open, and Birmingham IV. Regarding speaking achievements, Daan was a semifinalist at Lund IV and Delft Open. He also reached the final at Maastricht Open, UCU Open, ESL final at Trinity IV, and Pro-Am final at Delft Open and Tilbury House Cologne Open.

Milla has experience as a Language Officer at Dutch WUDC, which definitely would contribute to the work of Language team at Astana EUDC. Regarding her speaking experience, she is an Open Finalist at Athens EUDC, and has also broken at Novi Sad EUDC and Tallinn EUDC. Apart from that, she has over 30 speaking breaks in total, including seven tournaments, won and making the finals of various other tournaments such as Rotterdam Open, Lund IV, Berlin IV, and Helsinki Open. As a judge, she was a CA at tournaments like Trinity Open, Delft Open, Saint Petersburg Open, Lund IV, and she has numerous judging breaks, including UDP Open, UCD Lawsoc IV, Vienna IV, Munich Open, and Erasmus Rotterdam Open.


Elaye is an ESL world champion of Cape Town WUDC, and an ESL semi-finalist of Mexico WUDC. He also reached the ESL final of Cambridge IV 2018 and at five other competitions, winning twice. As for his judging experience, he is a part of the CA team at several tournaments, including Saint Petersburg Open and the upcoming Moscow Open and Lviv Open. Also, he was a panelist of the quarterfinal rounds at Athens EUDC and broke at tournaments such as Athens Open 2019, Vienna IV 2017, SIDO 2018 and finals chair at Kyiv Open 2019 and Vienna IV 2018.