Astana EUDC 2020


Partying and having fun is an inalienable from any EUDC. Here you can see thoroughly planned and officially confirmed series of socials!

Socials in Soviet Style

As Astana (previously Akmolinsk) used to serve as a route for the transport of engineering tools and equipment from evacuated plants during WWII and a center of Virgin Lands Campaign led by N. Khrushchev, we want to take you back to the history of Soviet Astana.

  • Consider this while packing your luggage, make sure you fit the dress code, may be you have to do small research before. 😉
  • Socials will be held in bar Bar pravyi, which can accommodate up to 800 people.
  • Transportation (both to the bar and to the hotel) will be provided.
  • On your way there, you can observe the right bank of Astana, full of Soviet architecture.
  • The bar offers beer, wine, juice, soda and water.
  • Photobutory and accessories to take Soviet styled pictures will be provided.

Open Air Socials

OPEN AIR Socials

  • Cultural fair of Kazakh cuisine and more food from Russian, Korean, Uzbek, Uighur, Georgian cuisines that showcase multiethnic Kazakhstan.
  • Experience nomadic lifestyle by spending time in traditional Kazakh dwelling (yurt) – a portable round tent covered with a felt.
  • Play national games that are peculiar in testing your strength, endurance, gumption and savvy.
  • Try on traditional costumes and take memorable pictures.
  • Enjoy performances of NU Dance Club and orchestra at dance and music festival.
  • Join us to discover the best tastes and experiences of Central Asia and Kazakhstan!

Neon future party

Astana nights will take you to tours of wonderfully gleaming and eccentric futuristic architecture. Though the most exciting about Astana nights is city’s illumination with thousands of urban lights. However, we want you also to experience the wacky lights inside cool bars of Astana.

Since socials are never enough, we are going to take you to the amazing Newton bar, where you will enjoy another evening in the neon backlight venue that can accommodate up to 800 people.

And, as usual, the best offers from our team:

  • Bus provided to the “Newton” bar (Turan 2 avenue) and back to hotels
  • Since, we are in Astana, the party is held in the “Neon Future” style
  • One free drink per person
  • Available drinks: water, beer, juice, wine, soda.
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*Other socials will be posted soon!