Astana EUDC 2020

Tab Team

Alex Murray

Alex is leading the team for the 2018 Oxford and Cambridge IVs, and tabbed at these competitions in 2017. Their team is also tabbing the upcoming Novi Sad EUDC. They are highly experienced as they were tab directors at many of the largest BP competitions in the UK, including Oxford Women’s, Cambridge Women’s, SOAS; Durham and Cambridge Schools.

Steven Roy

Steven has been at the helm of some of the largest tournaments across the UK ranging from Durham Schools to LSE Open – in just a short space of time completing more than 10 tournaments. He will join the tab team this year at Novi Sad EUDC. In the UK, he has been part of the tab team for two consecutive years of both the Oxford and Cambridge intervarsities. His experience of working with a huge variety of tab directors practically every weekend of the last year has helped him to become an exceptionally well versed tabperson, and he is very excited to join the team for #AstanaEUDC2020!


And the additional Tab team members joining Alex and Steven that will make sure that you have a pleasant time during the tournament!